Friday, September 10, 2010

Snip, snip

I got a haircut today. It was long overdue. I don't think the hairdresser was very impressed with how dry my ends were, she just kept saying "Yeah, that needs to go." Hahaha. It was basically just a trim, but she shortened it a couple inches and changes the layers. I always want my hair to be looooong, but it seems to grow really slowly, so I hate getting it cut! Now it seems so much shorter! I do like how it turned out though, it looks a lot better, it just feels short!

My red streak has faded so much! :( Too bad.

So much less scraggly! And that white dot on my arm is a sticker that my 3 year old friend gave me!


Tanvi said...

I like it A LOT

QueenDesi said...

ur hair is so great!!
just be patience.. ur hair will grow and u will have ur long dream hair ^^

tks for leave comment. i'm following u now. hope u can follow me back


in Love&Light
Queen D

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